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Luna, living up to her name, is as elegant as a full moon lighting up a dark night. She has a midnight blue exterior and a cream interior throughout the van. This Sprinter has custom seats; the front two seats swivel to fully turn around if desired, while the van is stopped, to have a common area of four captain chairs facing each other.

There are two bench seating areas on each side of the van that seats two passengers on each side. Each side is a jack knife sofa that turns into a bed if needed. This van has custom hardwood flooring throughout the van. There are three panels that control the AC/heat, the water pump, the lighting, internet, and radio/Bluetooth. The panels are located in the front cab next to the driver, on the driver side captain chair in the wall, and the rear of the van on the driver side back wall. The van has USB charging stations throughout as well as a couple 110v outlet plugs. There are four custom speakers and a subwoofer in the van that is connected to the TV as well as the Bluetooth, radio and AUX. There are two TVs in the sprinter; the TV in the front is connected to the stereo system. The front tv is a smart tv that has apple tv and is pre-logged in to streaming apps (Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Amazon, Angel Studios, HBO, Starz, YouTube,  ESPN+, and Direct TV). These apps are run by the WiFi unit inside the sprinter. The anterior TV is built into the bathroom door itself and is accessible for audio only through two sets of Bluetooth headphones provided with your rental.

The bathroom is located in the back of the sprinter. It can be accessed from the front cabin of the sprinter van or the rear doors on the exterior of the sprinter. The bathroom consist of a half sized refrigerator, a sink, a microwave and a toilet. The toilet has 3 touch pads next to it to flush (empty, eco, and normal). The water pump must be ON in order to access water capabilities during travel ie toilet, sink, etc. The bathroom also has a storage bin above the toilet for any supplies or extra luggage.

The front of the van has seat warmers, interactive cruise control, navigation, Bluetooth, radio, AUX, CarPlay, USB-c charging outlets, EZ-pass and a Garmin GPS. The GPS is set to the height, length, width, and weight of the vehicle and is required for you to use for the duration of your trip, which gives you peace of mind on the road.

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